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A Beginner’s Guide to Remotix

Remotix is easy and convenient for those who are in need of managing remote computers.

To get started:

  1. Register at remotix.com.
  2. On the remote computer:
    1. Download and install Remotix Agent.
    2. Once installed, open Trusted Users list in the Remotix Agent and add your Remotix account as a trusted one.
    3. If the remote computer is running macOS, please also grant all required permissions to the Agent for it to allow remote control.
  3. On your local computer:
    1. Download and install Remotix.
    2. Log in to Remotix with your Remotix account.
    3. Open All Computers section to the left.
  4. Voila! Now the remote computer is listed there and is available for connecting. Just double-click it to start a remote control session.