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Connection info panel

Remotix can show a small overlay panel in the Viewer window, showing the most essential information about the current connection.

To display the panel:

  1. While connected to a remote computer, click the Other button on the Viewer toolbar,
  2. Click Show Connection Info.

The possible types of information are described below. You may also copy all the connection information to your computer pasteboard using Copy to pasteboard icon in the bottom right corner.



Shows name of the connection as stored in Remotix.


Shows currently logged in user name for Apple Screen Sharing connections, remote computer Cloud ID for NEAR ones, and remote server address for the others.


Shows the current connection duration in [HHH:]MM:SS format.


Shows the remote screen original resolution.

Phys Resolution

Shows the scaled image resolution whenever Server Scaling option is enabled. See Enable Server Scaling.

Bytes in/out

Shows the amount of data received and sent during the current connect session. This won’t appear when you are connected over SSH.

Rate in/out

Shows current connection speed rate for incoming and outcoming traffic. This won’t appear when you are connected over SSH.


If the remote computer supports VNC encryption, this will show current encryption method and what is encrypted. See Secure transmitted data.


Delay between time when the remote computer’s screen actually changes and when it’s displayed in Remotix.


Indicates if the connection is established via Cloud or RDP and the type of transport.

Some lines may only appear on certain types of connection, like NEAR. Here they are:


Capture delay

Delay between actual change of image on the remote screen and its capture. Shows up only on NEAR connections.

Video enc

Time spent on encoding the frame which is currently shown on the screen. Shows up only on NEAR connections.


Sum of the capture delay + encoding time. Shows up only on NEAR connections.

Buffer delay

Time between the first bytes of the frame data has been received and start of the decoding process. Shows up only on NEAR connections.

Decoding time

Time spent on decoding frame which is currently shown on the screen.