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Manage stored server lists

You can divide stored server connections into categories. By default, all servers that you have located and authenticated to are saved into the first category under the Stored section.

You can create as many categories as you want. Group servers in any way you like: by company, location, hardware type, and even owner's age.

Create a new server category

  1. Click “+” button in the left bottom corner of Remotix window.
  2. Choose Add category.
  3. Name the category.
  4. Click OK.

Remove a server categoryYou can delete categories that you create.

  1. Select a category.
  2. Right click its name, then choose Delete. You can also press the Delete key.
  3. When you confirm the deletion, the category will be removed with all servers within.
    Note: this action could not be undone.

View and edit server categories

  • To view all the servers in a category, select the category in the sidebar.
  • To edit a category name, right click the name, then choose Rename... and type a new name.
  • To refresh information about servers in a category, right click its name, then choose Refresh.

Copy stored servers to another computer

You can copy your saved connections into another copy of Remotix. When you import or export stored server connections, the authentication credentials are not exported. Once you import the servers on another machine, you need to authenticate to the remote machines to start controlling them.

  1. Choose File > Export Remotix servers...
  2. Select a folder for the exported files.
  3. Click Open.A number of .rxserver files will be created in the desired location, each server in a separate file.
  4. Copy the exported files to the desired computer.
  5. On the new computer, open Remotix.
  6. Choose File > Import Remotix servers...
  7. Locate the folder with exported files, then click Open.All servers will be imported into Unsorted category. You must now authenticate to the client computers before you can control or observe them.

Finding servers

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