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Uninstalling Agent

To uninstall the Agent:

  • On a Mac:
    1. Quit Remotix Agent.
    2. Open Terminal.app.
    3. Execute the following commands one by one:
      1. cd /Library/Application\ Support/com.nulana.rxagentmac/
      2. sudo ./uninstall.sh
        When asked, provide an administrator password and wait for the script to proceed.
      3. Once you see text [Process completed], Remotix Agent will be successfully uninstalled.
    4. To wipe all the traces of Remotix Agent you may also execute these:
      1. sudo defaults delete com.nulana.rxagentmac
        and then for each user on this Mac:
      2. defaults delete com.nulana.rxagentmac
      3. rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/com.nulana.rxagentmac
  • On Windows PC:
    1. Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
    2. Find Remotix Agent in the list of programs and double click it.
    3. Go through the uninstallation steps.
    4. Once it is finished, Remotix Agent has been successfully uninstalled.