The Hub provides several ways to manage your computers remotely.

Launch Applications

Remotix scans the computer for applications and lists them under the Launch apps tab in Manage section, so you can launch one without seeing remote screen or knowing where the app is located. You may also choose which user will host the application:

  • For a Mac, click the application name in the list and choose the user.
  • For a Windows PC, the whole list of applications is user-dependant. Choose the needed user at the top of the list.


If you want to perform administrator actions like shutdown or logout, the Hub allows you to:

  • Empty trash (for all users on a Mac, or for a selected user on Windows PC),
  • Log out a selected user,
  • Put the computer to sleep,
  • Restart it or shut it down.

Execute Commands

You can send a single shell command to the remote computer using the Console tab. The result will be shown above, like in a usual Terminal or cmd window.

  • Remotix Hub provides a few command templates for you. To use a template, click Console icon in the top right corner of command line and choose one. Some templates contain <placeholders>. To execute these commands, replace the placeholders with essential data and click Execute.
  • If you want commands to be run under a different user, choose the one you need under the command line.
  • You can cancel command execution by clicking the Cancel button.