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Connect via Remotix Cloud

In case of remote machine being behind NAT or firewall, you can use Remotix Cloud to get rid of public IP and firewall configuring. Remotix Cloud is a fast and secure tunneling technology for connecting to remote machines. For more information on setting up the server side, see Remotix Cloud website.

Remotix provides two connect options:

  • Remotix Cloud
    If your Remotix Cloud account have been added to the Trusted Users list in Remotix Agent on a certain machine, you can access that machine without entering the access code. Note that Remotix Cloud provides tunneling only, so in order to get access to the user session, you'll need to know the credentials. See Using Remotix Cloud account.
  • Quick Connect
    If you haven’t been granted a trusted access in the Remotix Agent, or you don’t have a Remotix Cloud account, you can set up a tunnel use by entering Computer ID and access code for the remote machine. Note that the access code is changed randomly every 30 minutes. See Quick Connect using Remotix Cloud.

Make VNC or RDP server accessible over the Internet

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