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Silent install

Remotix supports silent installation mode that eases and fastens the installation process. In this mode, it will not display messages or windows during the progress.

To perform such an unattended installation, invoke RemotixInstaller.exe from command line with desired options. Here is a full list of parameters that can be passed to the installer:



Install silently


Install Remotix to the specified folder


Force installation of Bonjour drivers (this mean that driver package will be (re)installed even if it is already present in the system)


Omit Bonjour drivers during (un)installation process

All parameters except /Dir may also be used for uninstallation.

For example, to install Remotix silently into “C:\Work Apps\Remotix” folder along with Bonjour drivers, you need to execute the following command:

RemotixInstaller.exe /S /Dir="C:\Work Apps\Remotix" /B

Please note that if you have User Access Control enabled, it will appear to ask for a permission to install.