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RDP Performance options, file, sound and printer sharing

Remotix supports a certain number of performance options for RDP connections. In Auto mode, Remotix assumes you’re connecting to an RDP server under the same Local Area Network. When you are on 3G, or have a slow internet connection, you can also select a Custom profile and set up the details manually.

These options are set in RDP server connection settings.


  • Performance options in Custom mode:
    • Wallpaper: determines whether desktop background would be drawn.
    • Full Window Drag: if set, windows are moved with contents, otherwise only the outline will be displayed during drag.
    • Menu Animations: determines whether menus would appear immediately or animated.
    • Theming: if set, your Windows theme will be applied.
    • Cursor Shadow: sets the cursor shadow drawing.
    • Cursor Blinking: enables or disables cursor blinking.
    • Font Smoothing: determines whether font smoothing will be in use.
    • Desktop Composition: enables or disables desktop composition.
  • Compression
    Set to “On” if you want Remotix to compress all RDP traffic.
  • Color Depth
    Determines the number of colors in the picture RDP would transfer. Higher value requires higher bandwidth.

Audio Options

  • Audio Playback
    Selects audio mode.
    • None: no audio will be played or redirected.
    • Play on Computer: audio will be played on the remote machine.
    • Dynamic Quality: audio will be redirected to your Mac and audio quality will be chosen automatically.
    • Medium Quality: audio will be redirected to your Mac with medium quality.
    • High Quality: audio will be redirected to your Mac with high quality.
  • Audio Recording
    Determines whether audio recording (speaking to the microphone) will be transferred to remote machine.

Printer Redirection

If you select “Redirect Printers”, printers from your Mac will be automatically available on the remote machine.

Folder & File Redirection

You may share the folder from your Mac to remote Windows computer. Select folder to share:

  • None no files will be redirected.
  • All Files all files and disks will be redirected.
  • Home Folder current user home folder will be redirected.
  • Documents Folder current user Documents folder will be redirected.
  • Custom Folder user selected folder will be redirected.

On remote machine, the redirected folder will be available as “Remotix” disk drive under “My Computer”.

Connect using Remote Desktop Gateway

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