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Remotix Hub

Remotix Hub is a centralized web-based solution to monitor and manage multiple computers. You can use it within your organization or help your clients across different locations. From the Hub, you may:

  • Get an overview on the remote machine: online status, currently logged in user, the Agent version and status of remote control services.
  • Obtain a full computer hardware report on memory, storage, network, graphics, USB & printer devices.
  • View the list of issues with the machine, like dying battery, failing HDD or outdated operating system.
    You can also set the Hub to send you daily notifications about these issues.
  • Perform actions like logging out, putting the computer to sleep, restart or shutdown, and emptying trash for all users at once.
  • See the computer location on the map.
  • Chat with the user behind the computer.
  • Start a remote control session.

Remotix Hub will be provided on a subscription basis and is currently in BETA. Currently, we provide free access to anyone willing to participate.