Remotix Hub

Remotix Hub is a centralized web-based solution to monitor and manage multiple computers. You can use it within your organization or to help your clients across different locations. From the Hub, you may:

  • Get an overview on remote machine: online status, currently logged in user, the Agent version and status of services like VNC, RDP and SSH.
  • Obtain a full computer hardware report on memory, storage, network, graphics, USB & printer devices.
  • View the list of issues with the machine, like dying battery, failing HDD or outdated operating system.
  • Perform actions like logging out, putting the computer to sleep, restart or shutdown, and emptying trash for all users at once.
  • Execute shell commands.
  • See the computer location on the map.
  • Chat with the user behind the computer.

Remotix Hub will be provided on subscription basis and is currently in BETA. Currently we provide free access to anyone willing to participate.