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Remote Connections

This section is designed to check and set up desktop sharing services available on your computer. For the remote access to work you need to set up either NEAR, RDP (if available in your version of Windows) or a third-party VNC server.

By default, Remotix Agent checks if there are any active VNC or RDP services available at default ports (5900 and 3389). If you these services working at different ports, you can address it here using Configure ports... button in bottom-left corner.


Allow NEAR

Enable to make your Mac controllable with NEAR, a Nulana remote control protocol.
See About NEAR for information.

Allow File Transfer

Enable to allow file exchange between this computer and the client connected with Remotix.

Allow RDP

Enable to make your PC available to manage remotely with Windows built-in remote desktop protocol over Remotix Cloud.
If RDP is not configured yet, there will be an Enable RDP link below for your convenience. Please note that RDP might be unavailable in some editions of Windows.

Allow VNC

Enable to make your PC available to connect with VNC over Remotix Cloud.
This may come in handy when you want to control a computer by VNC, but you don’t want to bother with setting a stable IP or hostname. Please note that disabling this only makes it impossible to connect over Remotix Cloud but does not affect the VNC server settings.