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Mass Installation on Windows

You can set up Agent for multiple users with predefined settings. To export current Remotix Agent preferences in .rxasettings file, choose File > Export settings... Customize the settings file with any text editor if needed. For more information, see examples in the exported file.

The installer is capable of catching the .rxasettings file from the same folder where RemotixAgentInstaller.exe is located. Thus, you can create .zip file with RemotixAgentInstaller.exe and .rxasettings and deploy the zip to your computers, so when the user extracts and installs the package, settings will be applied automatically. Steps:

  1. Make an .rxasettings file containing a set of agent preferences.
  2. Download and save prepare-preconfigured-zip.bat script from here.
  3. Run the script with the following arguments.
    prepare-preconfigured-zip.bat [RemotixAgentInstaller.exe path] [.rxasettings path] [target .zip path]
  4. The script will create a .zip file with .exe and .rxasettings files within.
  5. Use the resulting .zip file to install Remotix Agent with predefined settings.

There are keys to be used to modify the installer’s work if needed:

  • /Dir=<install directory> changes default installation directory path C:\Program Files\Remotix Agent to the one you specified.
  • /Settings=<settings file path> sets the path to .rxasettings file if it is located in a different directory.
  • /S is for silent installation.