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Configure the network router to accept incoming connections

When the server is connected to the Internet via router, it will not receive incoming connections by default. To make the server open for incoming connections, you have to enable forwarding the corresponding port from router to the target computer.

Directions for setting up port forwarding vary depending on the router’s manufacturer and version of firmware, but the information you need to enter remains the same.

  1. Open your router’s preferences.
  2. Find Port forwarding section. This might be also referred as “Port mapping”, or “Port triggering”.
  3. Create a new port forwarding rule.
  4. Set a name for your service.
  5. Set incoming port. (Might be referred as “Start port”, “External port”, or “Port from”.)
  6. Set the local IP address of the computer with VNC/RDP server as destination IP.
  7. Set destination port. (Might be referred as “End port”, “Internal port”, or “Port to”.)

For more information, refer to your router’s user manual.

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