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Remote Sound Redirection

Remotix supports audio streaming with the NEAR protocol. While Windows had it in RDP for ages, this is a long-awaited feature for Macs that have no sound support in their built-in Screen Sharing protocol. Here is a short guide on how to get it working if you are in trouble.

How to get remote sound from a Mac

To get the Sound Redirection working, you need to install a sound capture driver and use the NEAR connection protocol with Remotix Agent installed on your Mac. If you’re running macOS 10.15 Catalina, you will also have to grant the Microphone permission to the Agent when asked to.

Starting with version 1.4, Remotix Agent works with either of two sound capture drivers: Soundflower and Blackhole.

The installation process on the newest versions of macOS is a bit tricky due to Apple security measures. It is described nicely in detail on the Blackhole wiki page: https://github.com/ExistentialAudio/BlackHole/wiki/Installation.
Please note that you need to install the 2-channel version of Blackhole as Remotix currently doesn’t support the 16-channel.

You can also install Blackhole with brew install --cask blackhole-2ch command if you have Homebrew installed.

It is also worth noting that remote sound redirection from Macs stops the remote user from hearing any sound while you are connected.

How to get remote sound from a PC

On Windows, the remote sound should be transmitted automatically. The only case to cause you any trouble is when you have no sound output devices connected to the remote PC. If so, just connect any sound output device (speakers or headphones).

How to get remote sound from a Linux

The remote sound redirection should work automatically with most Linux distributions. If you are unable to hear remote sound from a Linux, installing PulseAudio driver should help: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio