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Recording sessions

It is possible to record a NEAR remote control session in Remotix.

Record a remote connection session

  1. Click Other button on the Remotix Viewer toolbar and choose Start Recording...
  2. Choose a name and location for the record.
    By default, the file will be named with the current date and time and located in the Documents folder in the current user home directory.
  3. While the recording is active, you will see a flashing red circle over the top right corner of the remote screen and the recording timer on the Remotix Viewer toolbar.
  4. To stop the recording, go to Other > Stop Recording. On a Mac, you can also click Stop button on the toolbar to do the same.

Play a recording

All .rxrec files made by Remotix will be automatically assigned to open with Remotix by default.

  1. Locate a recording file.
  2. Open it.
  3. A Remotix Recording Player will open in a new tab of Remotix.
    Note that it is not possible to navigate through the recording. To find a certain moment in the recording, wait until the player reaches it.
  4. To adjust playback speed, use << and >> buttons in the playback controls section.

The recording is stored as a sequence of events that have been transmitted to and from the remote server during a connection. This ensures the best quality of the recording at the minimum file size. However, this also means that it is not possible to navigate through the recording. At the moment it is also not possible to convert the recordings to a video format.

Player window reference