Make VNC or RDP server accessible over the Internet

The easiest way to make the remote computer accessible for Remotix connections from anywhere is to use Remotix Cloud. The Cloud service will establish a secure tunnel to the remote server regardless of its location, NAT, router, and firewall settings. For information on Remotix Cloud, see Connect via Remotix Cloud.

If you are willing to make your Screen Sharing, VNC or RDP server accessible from outside the local network manually, you need to make its host available by a permanent address and open the corresponding port for the incoming connections. Here are the very basic steps to follow.

  1. Ensure that your computer has a stable host name or IP address.
  2. Configure port forwarding on the network router.
  3. Configure firewall on your computer.

About setting a stable host name for the computer

Configure the firewall to accept incoming connections

Configure the network router to accept incoming connections