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Welcome to Remotix!

Here is an overview of Remotix help.

To get started, check the Starter Guide.

Remotix for Mac, Remotix for Windows and Remotix for Linux help is available at Remotix for Desktop Help Index.

To find how to help someone remotely, please refer to the Common Tasks section. Don’t forget that the quickest way to get access to a remote user’s computer is to ask them to install Remotix QC.

To learn how to set up your computer for remote access from the Remotix application, take a look at the Set up anywhere access section.

General information about Remotix Cloud and NEAR protocol is provided in What is Remotix Cloud? section.

For the complete reference on Remotix Agent and Remotix Hub functions, please follow the corresponding Reference sections.

Remotix Mobile help is currently available separately for iOS and Android.

If you can’t find answers to your questions here, please take a look at Remotix FAQ or just contact us.