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Remotix for Mac / Professional
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Remotix for Windows / Professional
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Remotix for Mac + Windows Bundle / Professional
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Personal and Professional licenses?

Personal license is for personal & non-commercial use only. If you purchase Remotix for business or to use at work, you need to obtain a Professional license.

Q: What does each license include?

Every license includes one year of free email support, one year of maintenance, and one year of Remotix Cloud service. While the maintenance period is active, you have full access to all features available for the chosen license type and are eligible to upgrade to any newly released major version for free.

Q: What is Remotix Cloud?

Remotix Cloud is anywhere access service which allows connecting to any computers even if they’re behind firewall or NAT.

Q: What will happen if my maintenance expires?

You will still be able to use Remotix for direct VNC and RDP connections which will be fully functional. However, Remotix Cloud and Remotix Hub access will be restricted, and Remotix won’t receive any further updates. You can renew your maintenance period at any time. If you do it before the active maintenance period expires, you’ll get an advance discount of 20%.

Q: How many licenses should I purchase for my company?

You should purchase as many professional licenses as many workers will use Remotix on their machines. The number of remote computers to be managed is not limited.

Q: I have purchased Remotix 5 in the App Store. How do I upgrade to Remotix 6?

Please check here.

Q: I’ve lost or haven’t received my license key, what should I do?

Please contact us via support form, specifying the email and company you entered while purchasing and we’ll help.

Q: My company doesn’t want to let any traffic leave their site. Do you provide any custom solutions?

Sure. We offer an on-premise solution for the most secure environments and can also customize things for your business. Please contact us via the support form or at and we’ll discuss the matter.

Q: I cannot complete purchase with PayPal and keep getting message “To comply with government regulations, this transaction has been declined.”

Unfortunately, we currently can accept direct PayPal payments from Business accounts. To make a purchase with your PayPal Business account, please choose the Credit Card option, click the Purchase button, and then choose PayPal when you are forwarded to the Secure Checkout by FastSpring.