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How to export stored connections from Remotix 5 to 6

If you have moved from the Mac App Store version of Remotix 5 to Remotix 6, you may find that Remotix 6 doesn't import your connections. To export connections, please launch Remotix 5 where you got all the connections stored, authorize with your Remotix Cloud account, and then go to Remotix Preferences > Sync and choose 'Store computers in Remotix Cloud'. Once you do this and repeat the same in Remotix 6, all the connections should be imported successfully. The only hassle is that this will not transfer the credentials as Remotix 5 didn't support the Remotix Cloud keychain.

Please also note that Remotix does NOT sync any of the credentials unless you enable the Remotix cloud keychain manually, so be sure that your sensitive information is safe.