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Remotix VNC & RDP 6.0 for iOS is out with more than a dozen new features

May 17, 2016

Today we're proud to announce a huge update to Remotix VNC & RDP for iOS, our fast, secure and feature-packed remote control application. Just look at all these new features that make it even better:

* RD Gateway

This is the most long-awaited RDP feature for business users, finally coming to Remotix. It took us a lot of time to do it, but hopefully we did it right and tested enough configurations so you won't have problems with it. Just in case you do - drop us a line and we'll try to find out the solution.

* Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth Mouse

Nulana and Swiftpoint would like to introduce you to the best travel mouse in the world, The SwiftpointGT. This is a quality and award winning Bluetooth mouse that is comfortable, compact and clever and will now allow you to use your iPad like a computer.

We are offering you a very special SwiftpointGT price for the owners of full version of Remotix VNC & RDP.

NOTE: Remotix does not work with any bluetooth mouse, only SwiftpointGT.

* Automatic Reconnect

If network connect is lost, Wi-Fi goes away, Remotix transparently reconnects to the machine. This is especially useful on iPhones, where top button cuts of all network connections.

Auto-reconnect works for both RDP and VNC connections.

* RDP Live Resolution & Scale Change

Single most cool RDP feature since Windows 8.1. RDP automatically fits your iDevice resolution on rotations and toolbar/show hide. Also, you can change the scale of the elements on the fly, without leaving the viewer. Note, resolution and scale change only works on non-server Windows editions, starting from 8.1.

* True Multitasking & Full Resolution

On iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 you can now use Remotix simultaneously with the other apps, thanks to the Slide Over feature. Remotix is now using native resolution for all modern iPhone models, like 6 and 6 Plus.

* 3D Touch

On 3D touch enabled devices perform right click using the touch with a little force. This is really, really convenient!

* Better Keyboard

We’ve improved the on screen keyboard - added more shortcut actions like spotlight, mission control and CAD as well as giving better use for more estate available on the devices like iPad Pro and iPhone 6 Plus.

* Spotlight Search & App Shortcuts

Remotix servers are now searchable by Spotlight. Really fast way to connect to particular computer without finding Remotix app first. Also, recently used servers are added as shortcuts to Remotix app (use force touch on the app icon).

* Load-Balancing Configurations

One more feature for business users - Remotix now supports RDP redirection, used in RD farm configurations.

* Better RDP network speed adaptivity

RDP engine now performs periodic network speed checks while you're connected to automatically tune RDP features for the best performance.

* Connection Information Panel

We've added HUD display of current connection parameters, including current rate, total bytes used and total time connected.

* VeNCrypt Authentication

Remotix is currently the only client (as far as we know) supporting TLS VeNCrypt authentication used by ProxMox and others.

* Bugfixes

1) addressed the long-standing issue with RealVNC "Invalid protocol message";

2) you can rename "Unsorted" category (!)

3) there are a lot of small fixes here and there, and of course, new bugs!

Remotix VNC & RDP costs $19.99 and it is as always available on the App Store.