Year 2012 Posts

Remotix 2.8 for Android released with improved usability

We have released a usability upgrade of Remotix for Android, our VNC remote access tool. The new version 2.8 includes touchpad mode, automatic clipboard synchronization, mouse support, and more.


Well Thought-Out Remote Desktop Access with Major Update to Remotix for Android

Nulana released Remotix 2.7 for Android, a major update to their speedy VNC client bringing new advanced features like NetBIOS network scanner, hardware-accelerated rendering, and clipboard synchronization. Version 2.7 also features better multi-touch gestures handling and hardware keyboard support, including F keys, modifiers and cursor. Remotix provides Android device users with unrivaled speed, hassle free setup and security during the remote connection to multiple Macs and PCs.


Remotix 2.6 is available on the App Store and Google Play

Nulana today announces Remotix 2.6, an update to its VNC viewer for iOS and Android that makes remote access to Macs and PCs really fast and flawless.