5 tips to beginner software testers from a Remorix tester

April 30, 2021

Meet Lena, she is our tester. The profession of a software tester is not an easy task and Lena copes with it perfectly. But everyone was once newbies, and today Lena will give some tips on how to overcome fear and not make stupid mistakes.

Read specialized literature

It may seem outdated, and it is likely that your company organizes the testing process differently. But! Books will provide you with a vector to develop, support, and the necessary foundational knowledge.

Feel free to google

It is a good idea for a T-shirt not just for testers but for beginners in all professions. Don’t be afraid to google: topic resources, answers to your questions in forum threads, collections of articles. Information you find yourself, like a treasure, is the more valuable the deeper it is buried.

Treat testing like a team task

Indeed, developers are not always smiling, friendly and open guys, but you are one team and they know it. Don't be afraid to ask questions, do a simple check-up, or chat on different topics. I start my working day with the question: "Guys, who need me today first?"

Join the professional communities

Nobody expects you to post and comment right away; in fact, you don't have to do it at all. However, reading what colleagues talk about, comparing how communication is established in other teams, and picking up professional tricks will definitely not hurt. For example, I was very interested to know how the functions of testers differ in different projects - some read the code themselves and make the necessary edits, others press the button indicated by the programmers a certain number of times.


In the beginning, there will be a great temptation to jump on all tasks at once - don't. Concentration is crucial for a tester. If you take on too much, you will get frantic, and, in a hurry, inevitably make mistakes, get scolded by your team-lead and start doubting yourself. It is best to write all the tasks down, sort them by urgency, importance, and size, break the bigger ones down into sub-tasks and then start dealing with them.