Our newest release: Remotix for Linux

Feb. 5, 2021

Meet our newest and long-expected release ー Remotix for Linux!

Now you can connect from your Linux machine to Mac, Windows, Linux, or even Raspberry Pi devices in the fastest, easiest and secure way.

Besides, Remotix is the only Linux client with a complete Apple Screen Sharing experience.

But first things first. Now all Linux lovers can:

  • Connect with NEAR (our high-speed remote desktop protocol) and enjoy NEARly local remote desktop experience;
  • Select session. If there are multiple desktop sessions on the remote machine, you can select the one to connect. For Mac, Windows, and Linux;
  • Enjoy the cutting-edge feature for the first time provided by Linux remote desktop client – Remote Mac sound playback. Works for Windows & Linux too;
  • Share clipboard. Remotix automatically shares the clipboard between your and remote machines. Copy and paste plain text, rich text, and pictures between Linux and Windows;
  • Share files with remote machines via the complete file manager for local and remote files and instant transfer lightning-fast even on slow networks and a huge amount of small files;
  • Access all computers from anywhere via Remotix Cloud. Even if remote machines are behind a firewall or NAT;
  • Monitor all your remote computers at once.

More details you can find here.

Don’t wait, download Remotix and try all its’ features (the first days 15 are free).