Remotix for media and entertainment

May 20, 2021

Remotix for media and entertainment is a fast and secure remote access to powerful workstations with high resolution streaming.

If you deal with visual effects, videos, AR/VR, 3D animations, music, TV shows, podcasts, or games and are looking for high-performance remote access to your apps, projects, and data that are resource and processing-intensive, Remotix is the best solution.

With Remotix you can:

  • Work from home as if you were sitting right in front of your workstation;
  • Get near real-time remote access;
  • Сhoose between best image quality for the most comfortable remote experience and balanced quality for the best performance outdoors;
  • See all your remote displays simultaneously or individually. Resolution can be adjusted;
  • Get safe remote connections with complete end-to-end AES encryption;
  • Choose lightness of cloud solution or safety of on-premise deployment.

For its speed, lightness, and safety Remotix is trusted by the entertainment industry.

During the first lockdown New Wave Entertainment, a premier media company renowned for producing the highest quality content in post-production and finishing services, has switched to working from home via Remotix.

Jeff Quayle, operations, New Wave Entertainment:

“Nulana worked with us to build an on-site hub, completely in-house. Their team really went over and above to help us provide a solution quickly. The on-premise HUB has allowed us to abide by security requirements that do not allow cloud connectivity. Our users are enjoying smooth and reliable remote connectivity and Nulana has helped us maintain business continuity during a difficult time.”

Whether you, as a videographer, director, colorist, designer, or technician in the media industry need to remotely access professional software for editing, rendering, broadcasting, synchronization, visual or sound effects, and other post-production tasks, Remotix can help you to connect safely and work remotely.