Remotix for education

March 29, 2021

Remotix is a fast, secure, and simple remote access solution for education.

It is trusted by top educational institutions and chosen for their collaboration needs, remote access, and support.

With Remotix it is simple to organize remote access to lab computers at scheduled time-slots and enables IT to remotely support faculty and student devices

Using our solutions students can do their lab work, faculty and staff members can access their work computers from any personal computers, graphic tablets, and other devices.

Students and teachers can remotely access and perform video editing, animation, 3D designing, work with CAD/CAM/BIM soft, and other resource-intensive programs in real-time, without purchasing more software licenses and computing infrastructure to enable access at home.

Universities’ IT services can easily deploy and manage students’ and teachers’ access to lab computers.

They can schedule remote access permissions so individuals or groups of students can access certain school computers during their scheduled time slots.

IT can also support and manage lab computers with remote computer management capabilities, and provide quick on-demand remote support to students and teachers.

Even in situations when students and academic staff work with sensitive data Remotix can be deployed on-premise way. As it was made by our team at the University of Dayton.