Remote work in design

April 29, 2021

The fact that many companies need to change their workflow to remote may present extra difficulties in the design industry. Here are the top 5 problems and the most effective ways to overcome them.

  1. Self-discipline

For some people, it's hard to maintain the office level of self-discipline at home.

To be productive, introduce office routines, every morning write your tasks in the notebook or the special note-taking app like Evernote

or Trello.

2. Team communication

You may have colleagues from different time zones. Paul can start his working day in London while Fabricio from Rio sees his seventh sleep and Akayo from Tokyo goes back home after a night party.

To avoid this, create shared working hours, record calls, and share meeting notes for anyone who might have missed it.

3.Remote user research

Gathering valuable data and feedback remotely at the start of a project might be a problem.

To arrange interviews and usability testing (primary research) as well as competitive analysis and heuristic walkthrough (secondary research) seek out your team’s help and existing tools to help solve the problem. For example, leverage Calendly to schedule tests and Lookback to run and record test sessions.

4. Presenting design solutions

How to ensure that all the team members are on the same page? How to convince teammates to accept your design solution taking into consideration their remarks and ideas? You can easily bounce ideas on the whiteboard, tablet, or sheet of paper at the office.

At home, set up a digital drawing pad such as Wacom or draw in real-time on Whiteboard.

By the way, using Remotix, you can show your blueprints or renders from home to your boss or colleagues in the office by setting up a quick remote connection.

5. Feel part of the community

Working from home doesn't automatically mean that you are isolated from traditional networking.

Search and find the most active design community. For example, you may join DesignX , Email Geeks, UXR Collective, or Email Geeks Slack Community and register for a great yearly conference Remote Design Week.

Breathe deeply, stay tuned, and productive while working remotely!