How to land a work-from-home job right now

May 26, 2021

Over the last year, the volume of remote-friendly jobs and a variety of industries posting opportunities have increased. Expecting the larger remote workforce to remain constant for the next several years, we are here to figure out the top 3 tips to land a remote-friendly job right now.

  • Highlight your prior work-from-home experience

Note your previous remote work experience (if any) several times in your CV – in an executive summary and under each job description where it is applicable.

Mark also your ability to work remotely confirmed by evidence, like how you’ve managed to keep operations running or taken on the added urges of living through a pandemic.

Don`t forget to mention if you completed your degree online or got an e-learning certificate.

  • Sell your skills

Mention the technical and soft skills that help you to be excellent at remote work.

If you haven’t worked remotely show some experience that could be relevant to remote work.

Highlight communication skills, ability to work well independently and do deep focused work on tasks, or superpower of being familiar with digital collaboration tools.

  • Explore the company’s history with flexible work

Conduct your research to know if a company has always been hiring for remote positions, or if they’re slowly opening up to it as a result of the pandemic.

Brainstorm and list the companies you want to work for and search if they've already hired and started new employees remotely. What do they do to support the new staff to work from home?

Many companies are now figuring out that working remotely is the future of work. But even if the option of flexibility is not indicated in the job description, do not hesitate to apply for a role and bring up the potential for a remote arrangement throughout interviews and negotiations.

Follow these tips, stand out in the hiring process, and land your dream remote-friendly job!