How to grow your remote business with virtual resources

June 30, 2021

Many companies are seeking remote solutions to grow the business from home. Now is the best time to coordinate with workers and continue providing services to customers in a remote way.

As we all are aware, hiring remotely has its own share of challenges. The following virtual resources can help you hiring hidden gems in order to start growing your business outside of a traditional office and probably save you a significant amount of time, money, and a lot of frustration in the long run:

  • To effectively promote wfh-vacancies and screening candidates visit one of these two – or its sister site Their quality assurance measures against spam postings allow attracting serious remote applicants. These sites make the job search experience better, faster, safer, and easier for job seekers and help recruiters and employers from companies of all sizes with their remote and flexible recruiting, branding, hiring, and strategy.
  • To seek out temporary virtual talent with specific skill sets refer to This is subscription-based remote staffing offering premium virtual assistants, marketers, and more. And you don't need to handle all the paperwork and the risk associated with making a new hire.
  • To find remote professionals who possess additional creative skills or specific project support, refer to a community at to connect with highly qualified freelancers quickly and build your dream full-service team.
  • To look for developers visit one of the three most reliable and coveted freelance platforms – Toptal, UpWork, or Upstack. Toptal is known for its incredibly reliable talent pool. On UpWork you can put up your project to receive bids from top candidates or look through the list of pre-scoped projects and buy ones that fit your goals. Upwork also has a talent scout option that finds talent based on your needs. And Upstack is a leading remote tech freelancing platform looking to elevate teams worldwide through dedicated freelance talent.
  • To organize safe and comfortable remote access for your team contact us to start your on-premise trial. Manufacturing companies or broker services ー we can create a customized solution for each company. Thus, your employees will be able to work remotely, and you will retain control over internal data security.

Taking into consideration all these virtual resources don`t forget that the growing business always starts with the same basic core: a competent, hard-working team and your excellent service or product.