The world's best cities for digital nomads

Jan. 18, 2021

The army of remote workers and digital nomads is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more people are striving for an independent work environment and freedom of travel. And that’s why remote working is on its way to the mainstream field. The pandemic also made its own adjustments and shook the previously unshakable office boundaries. Simply put, remote working is the future, and it's not just close, we already live in it. That’s why we put together a list of the best cities to work from remotely in 2021.

This top-5 list relied on data from the Nomad List portal. His analysts took into account such variables as the cost of living, the speed and affordability of the Internet access, the availability of comfortable coworking spaces, expat-friendly communities, and most importantly, the opportunity to obtain a digital nomad visa, which has recently been offered by countries that are not officially accepted tourists yet.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia has enacted a new visa in recent years that allows digital nomads to work remotely in the country for up to a year. After this period, the visa can be extended for another two years. The capital city is exuding charm and surprise that will have you living in a real fairytale. More importantly, though, 99% of public services are available online 24/7, so you’ll never have an issue with internet access. Additionally, the cost of living is relatively low with rent in the city center falling around $500.


Tbilisi, Georgia

In the face of the pandemic, Georgia has introduced a Georgia Remote Work Program to enable relocation under the current circumstances.

Tbilisi is a mixture of cozy courtyards, charming old quarters, and high-tech business centers. Even before the general lockdown, this city began to attract digital nomads from all over the world. They were fascinated by the local hospitality, the rich Georgian history, and more than pleasant rental prices ($ 300-400 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center). In addition, Tbilisi is an excellent base for traveling across Georgia, where you can find mountains, the sea, and ancient fortresses.

Across the city, you’ll find a huge host of cafes for every taste and budget along with modern coworking spaces like Regus Vazha Pshavela or Impact Hub. There are even colivings, such as Lokal, where you can not only work but also live next door to the same nomads as yourself.


Belgrade, Serbia

You don't need a visa to come here, but check up the maximum stay period rules for your country.

Belgrade is a modern and comfortable city: parks, pedestrian streets framed by cafes, graceful palaces in the Austro-Hungarian style, an ancient fortress, and shops galore. Loads of coworking spaces at reasonable prices (about $ 100 per month) such as Work Space One, Papergirl Galerija Hub, or super cozy spot - Startit Centar Inđija.

The cost of living here is more than attractive: rent, food, and public transport around the city will take an average of $ 1,500 per month.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

For the second decade or so, Chiang Mai has been a city where every self-respecting digital nomad should live at least for a short time. Now that Thailand has finally opened its borders to long-stay tourists, Chiang Mai has once again become a hotspot for all heat-loving remote workers. Take advantage of working here: high-speed Internet available in all public places, countless comfortable, inexpensive coworking spaces (Punspace, Hub53, Punspace Nimman, and the like). And it is no less convenient to live here: a studio in the city center will set you back about $300-400 per month, a scooter can be rented for $60-70 per month.



The pristine island nation offers a year-long residency certificate that is geared toward remote workers. The visa fee will need to be paid once and will amount to $ 263 per person. In short, Bermuda is a paradise. Everything is just like in advertising brochures - a warm ocean, white beaches, comfortable workspaces, and zesty local food. The cost of living, however, is higher here than in other locations of this chart.


Have you already joined the army of digital nomads or just trying on this lifestyle, we hope that our little top-5 will be useful to you.

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