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Aug. 3, 2020

After the US had been put in lockdown, NWE found themselves in quite a predicament. The employees had to work remotely. To stop working meant to breach contracts; and due to the security protocols, it was impossible to access the office computers from home.

We offered New Wave Entertainment a creative solution - to build an on-premise HUB and to organize remote access in a local environment, without connecting to external services.

Using Remotix, an all-in-one application for remote connections, and the NEAR protocol, it was possible to create a fully secure system that allowed for organizing the workflow of the NWE team and clients.

NEAR, a hardware accelerated low-latency remote desktop protocol, made editing, sound recording, color processing and video viewing possible.

Jeff Quayle, operations, New Wave Entertainment:

Nulana worked with us to build an on-site hub, completely in house. Their team really went over and above to help us provide a solution quickly. The on-premise HUB has allowed us to abide by security requirements that do not allow cloud connectivity. Our users are enjoying smooth and reliable remote connectivity and Nulana has helped us maintain business continuity during a difficult time.”