Remotix: custom-built on-premise solutions

Sept. 17, 2020

A pandemic began and remote working turned from a privilege into a necessity. What if your company deals with sensitive data that requires special security measures?

Organisations where the value of inside information is extremely high - banks, medical and research centers, AAA projects teams in the game and movie industries ー work behind closed doors, oftentimes without an Internet connection.

Inappropriate data security can turn into disaster: the National Cyber Security Alliance found that 60% of companies that fall victims of a cyber attack go out of business within six months after data leakage. With such risks, it's no surprise that working through an off-site cloud is unthinkable.

For companies that work with sensitive information, we can offer customized on-premise solutions. They will help you to arrange entirely secure remote work and retain all Remotix options.

As it is an on-premise solution, everything required for Remotix operation ー Remotix hub and a cloud ー is deployed on the company's servers. You can use both on-network and remote access without involving third-party-servers ー all data will be stored on local network.

We will install and configure our on-premise complex and provide you with a setup instruction or configure everything for you.

Manufacturing companies or broker services ー we can create a customized solution for each company. Thus, your employees will be able to work remotely, and you will retain control over internal data security. So far, our on-premise solution has already helped a Hollywood post-production company: we have deployed a full Remotix on-site hub on NWE servers.

The NWE team was able to connect to their office computers from home by simply installing Remotix and setting a Remotix Gateway address. It meant that the workflow remained practically uninterrupted: deadlines were met, data was protected and the company's reputation was not damaged.

Security is a priority for companies where data value comes first. Work remotely, and Remotix will help to do it quickly, conveniently, and safely.