Remotix FAQ

Oct. 19, 2020

Q: Can I try Remotix before I buy it?

A: Sure. Dispell all your doubts with 15 days trial period.

Q: What Remotix features will be available during the trial period?

A: Remotix is free and fully functional in the first 15 days. Feel free to test it in your environment and contact us in case of any need.

Q: Can I test Remotix for any OS?

A: We provide free trial versions of Remotix for Windows and Mac.

Though we cannot provide a trial for iOS and Android, you can purchase the app and then get a refund according to the stores’ refund policies:

for iOS,

for Android

Q: Which Remotix do I need?

A: You need a licensed copy of Remotix for the home computer. For the remote one, you need a free satellite app. The number of remote devices you can access is not limited.

Q: I already have Remotix for Windows, now I need to install it on Mac, will you give it to me for free?

A: Unfortunately no. Remotix is developed and therefore licensed separately for different platforms. We offer bundle discounts for our users.

Q: That's it, I want to try Remotix! Where do I begin?

A: We wrote a detailed step-by-step guide and put it here

Q: What if I have any difficulties or questions?

A: Feel free and connect us via We will answer your questions, help with setup, and become best friends;)