Remotix Agent: general updates

July 13, 2020

Another hard-hitting release of this summer - the updated Remotix Agent.

We have improved and changed a lot in it:

  • Improved Agent settings protection options: no password, custom password or administrator password;
  • Improved session handling;
  • Added option to create login sessions (on macOS);
  • Added option to completely disable ask for permission for NEAR connections;
  • Added option to automatically invoke log on screen after NEAR disconnection;
  • Added option to allow only one user to connect to the machine at a given time;
  • Added option to enable administrator accounts to connect to any user session (if using system authentication);
  • Added Blackhole sound driver support in addition to Soundflower (on macOS)

It can be downloaded FROM HERE

remorix facebook post 23 06 2020 04.jpg