R-Learning the Great and Terrible: let’s face our fears

Sept. 7, 2020

The world has changed and will never be the same. Remote learning unexpectedly became a reality. Parents, teachers, students - all were not ready to go online in a big way. But what can we do, this is our new reality. So let's boldly face our fears and decide how to overcome them.

Fear: On the remote learning we have no access to the required information.

Solution: The experience shows that remote solutions will help to organize access to the library base. Students can use learning support materials while sitting at their home computer, and not peruse the net for the necessary articles and textbooks.

Fear: There are no required soft and access to educational projects from home.

Solution: With remote access, you can work with files, use soft like 3ds Max and ArchiCAD, and get feedback from your prof without leaving home. At the same time, all information will be safe thanks to a cloud solution inside the local network. There will be no connection to external services and no one will be able to steal your scientific work or term paper.

Fear: It is impossible to run creative projects and use special gadgets from home.

Solution: Now, thank modern protocols, you can remotely draw, 3D designing, or even editing a video plot or dubbing a cartoon.

Yes, the remote desktop solution will not solve all problems, but it will help to tune up the learning process and give a feeling of “comfort zone”. Let's profit from the crisis that has arisen, learn new things, and benefit from the situation.

Sometimes the solution does not lie on the surface.

Contact us and we will look for a solution together.