Remotix on-premise: 30 days trial period

Oct. 28, 2020

If your company works with sensitive information that requires special protection measures, then a safe transition to remote work for your employees will ensure a personal on-premise solution.

Everything required for Remotix operation ー Remotix hub and a cloud ー is deployed on the company's servers. You can use both on-network and remote access without involving third-party-servers ー all data will be stored on the local network.

We will install and configure our on-premise complex and provide you with a setup instruction or configure everything for you.

In order for you to make up your mind and dispel the last doubts, we suggest taking advantage of the trial period. Use free and fully functional on-premise solution in the first 30 days. Feel free to test it in your environment and contact us in case of any need.

You can contact us and start the trial period here.

Work remotely, and Remotix will help to do it quickly, conveniently, and safely