Meet redesigned Remotix Hub with cloud groups!

Sept. 18, 2019

Redesigned Remotix Hub, our web-based computer management and monitoring console, is live!





With Hub you can:

  • get hardware reports on all your machines;
  • receive notification emails when with software or hardware failures;
  • perform management tasks, such as reboot, empty trash or put the machine to sleep;
  • launch applications
  • see the screenshots of the console session;
  • execute scripts on the machine using remote console;
  • get the location of the machine on the map.

New features include the ability to organize all your machines into groups and sync those groups with the upcoming Remotix clients (currently Remotix for Mac in beta).

It has undergo many internal changes so we can deploy the new functionality faster than ever!

Currenly Remotix Hub is in beta stage and free for everyone.