Remotix 8 for iOS is packed full with essential features to make your work easier!

Oct. 21, 2019

Remotix for iOS got a big update today. And here are some details and screenshots:

File Transfer

We have developed a complete file manager with the ability to transfer files between local and remote machines. File transfer is fully driven by the sender with no network round-trips on each file, so it's lightning-fast even on slow networks and a huge amount of small files.

Automatic Discovery

Nearby machines with NEAR protocol enabled are found and displayed automatically.

Multiple Displays and Resolution Change

If remote machine has multiple displays, you can now see them all. To improve your remote control experience you can change remote display resolution on the fly (NEAR connections).

Cloud Keychain

Store your connection credentials in Remotix Cloud and automatically access them across all your devices. The credential storage is encrypted using AES-256 in combination with your personal password. That means that no third party (including us) has access to it.

Cloud Groups

All your connections, including Remotix Cloud, are now organized in groups. The groups are also presented in Remotix Hub.

Session Select

If there are multiple users on the remote machine you now can select the session you want to connect to (NEAR connections).

Face ID

Use Face ID to protect your credentials.

Dark Mode

Love your new shiny iOS in dark mode? Remotix comes in dark too.

iPhone 11 and iOS 13

Remotix 8 brings full support for the latest Apple iPhones and iPads.

So, what are you waiting for? Remotix is already available on the App Store.

As always we'll be grateful for positive AppStore review. Remotix development is driven by you and your feedback!