Remotix 6.1 for desktops transforms the way a keyboard input works

Dec. 5, 2019

Today we are thrilled to announce the newest version of Remotix 6.1 for both Windows and Mac, which includes the most versatile keyboard input ever.

Introducing keyboard modes

  1. Smart

Type in the remote session using your machine keyboard layout and input method. The remote keyboard layout is ignored.

2. Raw

Send your keyboard keycodes, like if you're typing on the remote keyboard.

3. Raw + all shortcuts

Send the keyboard with all system shortcuts to a remote machine.

Modifier mapping

We're getting modifier mapping feature back from Remotix 5 and extending it even more. It is now possible to fully remap modifier keys: e.g., map Alt to Win and Cmd to Alt key on macOS to Windows connections to match the physical keyboard layout. You can also set left and right keys mapping separately. For example, you can set shortcuts with left Cmd to go to the remote machine, while any combinations with right Cmd remain local.

And more...

In addition to these new features, here are few more notes about this release:

  • Several fixes in keyboard input with combining: now typing in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese should work perfectly on NEAR connections
  • "Do not hide cursor" option to make sure cursor is always visible, even if you don't have a mouse connected to the remote machine.
  • Smaller fixes and improvements.

Both desktop versions of Remotix 6.1 are available on our website:

Remotix for Windows

Remotix for Mac

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