NEAR comes to Remotix for tvOS with a new release

April 17, 2018

We’ve started this week by launching the update of Remotix for tvOS. Since 2.0 version Remotix for tvOS gets our NEAR Protocol and all its advanced features. This release also brings the automatic Remotix Cloud synchronization and support for Bluetooth Keyboard.

1. NEAR Protocol

We're happy to introduce a modern, low-latency remote desktop protocol called NEAR. NEAR brings hardware accelerated H.264 based desktop experience, network adaptivity, remote sound transfer, transparent multi-language input and automatic clipboard synchronization.

To use NEAR, install latest Remotix Agent on the target computers. For more information, check

2. Remotix Cloud Sync

Remotix can automatically synchronize your server list across all your devices once you log in to Remotix Cloud.

3. Bluetooth Keyboard

Connect wireless keyboard to your Apple TV and enjoy full remote machine interaction on huge TV screen!

Remotix for tvOS 2.0 is $4.99 and available on Apple TV. Search for "Remotix".