Remotix 5 for Windows brings NEAR to PC!

Oct. 30, 2017

Connect to all your machines without a hassle from PC with Remotix 5 for Windows!


Following iOS and Mac, NEAR is coming to Windows! NEAR brings hardware accelerated H.264 based desktop experience, remote sound transfer, transparent multi-language input, and automatic clipboard synchronization. NEAR is fast enough to play video games and watch youtube from the remote machine! It is worth mentioning that Apple Screen Sharing, RDP, and VNC are still first class citizens in Remotix.

Remotix Cloud Sync

Our service synchronizes your server list across all your devices automatically once you log in to Remotix Cloud via Remotix app on a given device.

Multiple Groups

All the stored servers can now be partitioned into multiple groups (previously known as categories), giving you a more precise way to organize them.

Separate SSH and RDG settings

SSH and Remote Desktop Gateway servers are now managed separately from your stored computers. That means that once you have an SSH or RDG server configured, you can use that same configuration for all your stored computers.

Built-in Chat

Chat freely with the users behind the machines you manage right from Remotix. Remotix Hub Chat, previously only available on Remotix Hub web (and Remotix Agent), now coming to Remotix itself.

Remotix for Windows is available for download on our website.

Remotix for Android with NEAR is coming soon.