Introducing Remotix for Apple TV!

May 31, 2017

We've created Remotix for Apple TV and optimized the interface for Apple TV Remote. Surf the web, listen to music, watch flash videos or use your favorite PC or Mac application right on your TV!

One of the greatest features we introduce on tvOS (you'll soon find on iOS as well) is full hardware accelerated support of H264 within RDP. This basically allows watching fullscreen Full HD youtube and play Windows games remotely.

Main screen interface:

Remotix automatically scans your home network and displays nearby computers, so you don't need to type IP addresses and hosts manually. Just in case it's needed Remotix supports connections over SSH and RD Gateway.

Connected to Mac:

Connected to Windows:


Remotix for tvOS is $4.99 and available on Apple TV AppStore. Search for "Remotix".