Year 2017 Posts

Remotix Cloud Hub Update is released this week

This week we're presenting a new version of Remotix Cloud Hub, our web-based solution to manage computer systems of any size. Since this week's update the tasks’ states are shared among all user sessions. This means that when a user opens several sessions, he sees the progress of each task in all of them. This also applies to console commands, application launches, and other actions.


Remotix 6.2 for Android released with new UI and support for Nougat features

A totally rewritten Remotix UI is rolling out from today in a new version of the Remotix VNC RDP Remote Desktop application for Android. In addition to a completely new design, this long-anticipated update features a new extended keyboard, Android N multi-window support, app Shortcuts, and more.


Updated Remotix Cloud simplifies installation and upgrading processes

Today we've improved Remotix Cloud technology with Remotix Cloud Hub and Remotix Agents updates. The new version includes mass installation enhancements. The Enable Ask for control setting is now exported and applied with mass installation. With this new Remotix Cloud version, we've simplified the upgrading process as well. Starting with this release, there’s an option to check for updates automatically. We have also added the ability to automatically update Remotix Agent on a client machine right from the Hub interface.