Remotix 6 for Android: The long-awaited release is out now

June 15, 2016

A couple of weeks after releasing a big update to Remotix for iOS, we're happy to announce a major upgrade of Remotix for Android. The full list of new Remotix features is as follows:

RD Gateway

This is the most anticipated RDP feature for business users. It's finally coming to Remotix. It took us a lot of time to do it, but hopefully we did it right and tested enough configurations so you won't have problems with it. Just in case you do - drop us a line and we'll try to find out the solution.

Auto-reconnect feature

If network connection is lost or Wi-Fi goes away Remotix tries to reconnect to the machine. Auto-reconnect feature works for both RDP and VNC connections.

RDP Live Resolution & Scale Change

It is one of the coolest RDP features since Windows 8.1 update. RDP automatically fits your iDevice resolution on rotations and toolbar/show hide. Also, you can change the scale of the elements on-the-fly, without leaving the viewer. Note, resolution and scale change only works on non-server Windows editions, starting from 8.1.

Master Password

Set up master password to protect all your stored credentials.

Load-Balancing Configurations

Another feature that business users will love. Remotix now supports RDP redirection, used in RD farm configurations.

Better RDP Network Speed Adaptivity

RDP engine now performs periodic network speed checks while you're connected to automatically tune RDP features for the best performance.

Connection Information Panel

We've added HUD display of current connection parameters, including current rate, total bytes used and total time connected.

VeNCrypt Authentication

Remotix is currently the only client (as far as we know) supporting TLS VeNCrypt authentication used by ProxMox, TurboVNC and others.


* addressed the long-standing issue with RealVNC "Invalid protocol message"

* addressed the issue with Remotix handling all URLs

* addressed the issue with hardware mouse double click

* you can now rename "Unsorted" category

* there are a lot of small fixes here and there, and of course, new bugs

As always we'll be grateful for positive Google Play review. Remotix development is driven by you and your feedback!

Remotix VNC RDP Remote Desktop 6.0 for Android is USD $9.95 and available for purchase on the Google Play.