Remotix 4.0.1 for Mac is released

June 30, 2016

We're launching a minor update to Remotix for Mac today to address several bugs. Remotix 4.0.1 for Mac includes a more detailed RD Gateway error messages, fixes for RD Gateway credentials and RDP desktop scale not saving, RDP file redirection bug fix, etc.

Below is a list summary of changes to the Remotix 4.0.1:

- A fix for RD Gateway credentials not saving

- More detailed RD Gateway error messages

- If disconnect is initiated by user Remotix doesn’t show RDP error anymore

- RDP desktop scale not saving bug fix

- RDP file redirection bug fix

- A custom folder is selectable now for RDP file redirection (for the non-MAS version).

Remotix 4.0.1 is already available on the Mac App Store and our website.