Year 2016 Posts

Remotix RDP Kiosk 3.0 update

Today, we're pleased to share an update to Remotix RDP Kiosk for iOS, our solution for POS and financial processing appliances. Remotix RDP Kiosk supports Linea, iMag and Magtek credit card readers that makes it a perfect tool for providing kiosk-style access to Windows applications via RDP. The updated Remotix VNC Kiosk app will be also available in the near future.


Remotix for iOS 6.0.3 is now available

Two weeks has passed since we released a big update to Remotix VNC & RDP for iOS, and we’ve just released another one. The version 6.0.3 brings a lot of improvements and fixes.


Remotix VNC & RDP 6.0 for iOS is out with more than a dozen new features

Today we're proud to announce a huge update to Remotix VNC & RDP for iOS, our fast, secure and feature-packed remote control application. New release includes, among other things, support for RD Gateway and Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth Mouse, automatic reconnect feature, true multitasking implementation, RDP live resolution & scale change and much more.