Remotix for both Windows and Mac gets an update!

April 16, 2015

For the last few months we've been working on the implementation of our users most requested Remotix features. Here is the list of stuff what has been done:

1. Vino VNC Server Secure Authentication

Ubuntu remote desktop solution is based on Vino VNC server and the default installation recently forces secure TLS authentication, which is not widely supported among VNC clients. We're happy to say we added rfbTLS authentication scheme to Remotix so Ubuntu users can enjoy secure connections wit no need to reconfigure their VNC server.

2. Modifier Key Mapping

It is now possible to remap the modifier keys for remote session. E.g. you can map Mac 'Cmd' to remote 'Ctrl' and Mac 'Ctrl' to remote 'Win' if that is more convenient.

3. Hide Local Cursor Option

Due to hardware nuances Mac mini without display connection (the typical case when your Mini is a server) is not hiding the remote cursor while being operated over Apple Screen Sharing. We've added "Hide Local Cursor" option to viewer toolbar to hide the system cursor on client side.

4. Proxy Support

Remotix now respects OS X and Windows proxy settings during license key activation.

5. HiDPI Support (Remotix for Windows)

Windows users with HiDPI displays will enjoy new Remotix update. It now automatically scales the texts and graphics up when it detects high-resolution display behind your PC.

6. DirectX 11 Drawing Backend (Remotix for Windows)

Remotix uses the hardware capabilities of your graphics card to render the remote screen. But it also often used in the virtual machines or in hardware configurations where acceleration may not be available. Support of DirectX 11 and especially DirectX 11 WARP mode covers more cases where previosly it was needed to install additional tools for Remotix to work.

7. RDP fixes (Remotix for Mac)

We also fixed two issues users complained about:

a) RDP login is not uppercased by default anymore, typically the case with xrdp and other non-Windows RDP servers;

b) If your server is configured properly, RDP is now allowing empty password login.