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Easily access your computer from anywhere with Remotix Cloud!

Aug. 11, 2014

Today we're announcing the availability of Remotix Cloud technology. It ultimately organizes all your computers in a personal cloud of yours, and makes them available from anywhere.


It just works, setting up everything for you behind the scenes. We spend huge amount of time making sure you’re able to connect to your computer no matter where you are. If web browser works, Remotix works just as well.


Remotix Agent is a part you install on the target computer. It acts as a helper that connects the computer to your personal account in Remotix Cloud. Agent maintains the connection to the Cloud servers to provide an instant connection as you request it from Remotix.

There are two ways to grant the access to your computer: via trusted users list or using an access code.

Trusted users (including yourself) need to have an account at RemotixCloud.com. You can add multiple users to the trusted list on a single machine, so you can share the computer with your colleagues or teammates.

Quick access code is for establishing an instant connection to the computer. Your colleague installs Remotix Agent and tells you the access code, then you can connect to his/her computer desktop without any registration.


Remotix Cloud uses peer to peer connections where available. In case peer to peer cannot be established (for example if computer is under corporate firewall), we run a number of tunneling servers around the world to ensure you have the fastest possible remote desktop connection.

Some of our competitors ask you to enter your Gmail password in order to establish remote connections. We respect your privacy and DO NOT ask to provide any of your personal passwords.

Another competitor is providing “agent”, which only helps to open ports in your home router. It works, for sure, for some cases, but when it does not, only complex and error-prone manual setup may help.

Remotix Cloud is ubiquitous. If your target computer has any kind of internet connection, then you can connect to it using Remotix.


Remotix and Remotix Agent communication to Remotix Cloud servers happen only through secure SSL channel. Agent does not listen on any incoming port if there is no remote desktop session and starts operation only when requested by Remotix.

All remote desktop sessions are encrypted either by corresponding built-in encryption (like RDP TLS) or AES-256 if connection does not support encryption by default (VNC).

Quick access codes are changed every half an hour to ensure that no one except the intended party is allowed to connect.


We have already updated Remotix Cloud support for Remotix for iOS and Remotix for Android, so grab them from AppStore and Google Play and enjoy the freedom of anywhere connections!

We're putting the final polish to Remotix for Mac and Windows NOW. Follow us on twitter to be the first to know when they're released.

Remotix gives you a freedom to connect to your computer from anywhere with internet connection. Forgot the document at home and urgently need it at your work? Want to show presentation from your desktop computer to your colleagues while on travel? It’s now easy with Remotix Cloud.