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Advanced Remote Access from anywhere is as Easy as One, Two, Three with Remotix 3 for Windows

Oct. 28, 2014

Nulana today updated Remotix for Windows to version 3.0, adding the RDP connectivity to easily access Windows-based machines and Remotix Cloud feature, which makes it trivial to access any computer from anywhere with zero configuration.

“The ability to connect from anywhere has been a single long-standing missing Remotix feature, and we’ve taken it seriously,” said Philip Philonenko, Nulana COO. “Remotix Cloud basically establishes the secure channel between your and remote computer no matter where they are located. And in contrast to many of our competitors, it works across corporate and mobile networks and does not require you to enter personal stuff like Gmail passwords”.

Remotix has many features designed for the most comfortable remote experience. Nearby Macs and PCs can be easily found with network scanners and automatic Bonjour server discovery. Remotix keeps the clipboard in sync across computers. That makes working with images, RTF, HTML on multiple machines at a time really easy.

The complete Apple Screen Sharing support includes clipboard synchronization, Apple adaptive quality codec and multiple monitor support. Drag and Drop feature and file transfer support make it extremely easy to share files between local and remote computer. Users can choose between several quality levels based on their needs, internet connections and speed.

Remotix advanced RDP engine provides instant remote access to Windows machines. Some features that will give users more comfort are bidirectional sound, file system & printer redirection and automatic clipboard.

Remotix Cloud organizes all the Macs and PC’s in a personal cloud and allows them to be accessed from anywhere. Quick access code and trusted users are options to give control of the remote computer. There's also the web interface to manage machines and send messages.

When one talks about remote desktop software, they cannot avoid mentioning security. Remotix features include built-in SSH tunneling for both RDP and VNC and Apple Screen Sharing encryption. All sensitive data like usernames and passwords is securely stored in encrypted keychain. The master password protects devices from unattended access.

What’s new in version 3.0:

  • Anywhere access with Remotix Cloud
  • RDP connectivity
  • Server list table view mode
  • Silent install capability
  • User interface refinements
  • International keyboard input improvements
  • Stability fixes

Language Support:

US English, French, German, Japanese, Russian

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP SP3 or later
  • DirectX 9 capable graphics card

Pricing and Availability:

Remotix 3.0 for Windows is available with four types of licenses on the Nulana website. Personal license is 39,99; Professional license for commercial use in company or organization is $79.99; Site license, which permits unlimited number of users and installations on a single site is $499; Multisite license, which permits unlimited users and installations on multiple sites is $799. The update will be free for current users.

Remotix for Windows 3.0
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