Remotix VNC & RDP 2.1 for Mac

Dec. 18, 2013

After we've changed the design of the Remotix for iOS, now it's the turn of the Remotix for Mac OS X. The Version 2.1 has a completely new UI, offering even more convenient way to control multiple computers running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux from anywhere.

The Version 2.1 includes not just a new design, but also some new features like Multi-Touch gestures that go to the remote machine, server categories, and master password. The new version brings Multi-Touch gestures to the remote desktop (Apple Screen Sharing only). Zoom, smart zoom, scroll and rotation - they are all work to make remote access a breeze. Server categories allow users a convenient way to save and organize all of their connections. Master password protects the app from unattended access.

New features:

  • New design!
  • Multi-Touch gestures go to the remote machine (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • Server categories
  • Master password to protect the app from unattended access

Bug fixes:

  • OS X Mavericks Screen Sharing encrypted connection fixes
  • RDP crash fixes
  • RDP timezone redirection fixes
  • OS X Mavericks font issue fixed
  • Caps Lock works on the remote machine
  • Non-selectable .ssh files fixed

Remotix VNC & RDP 2.1 for Mac is USD $39.99 and available for purchase on the Mac App Store and Nulana website.