Year 2013 Posts

Remotix 4.0 for iOS – free major update is out!

In recent years there is a bad tradition to release paid major updates. Happily, we don’t follow this tradition. The new major update of Remotix is free for current users.


Remotix RDP for iOS 2.2 is released, now for $14.99 - 25% off!

Minor update of Remotix RDP for iOS is available on AppStore addressing numerous issues found by our users. We're also lowering the price on Remotix RDP to $14.99, 25% off compared to previous offering.


Remotix for iOS 3.0 is out with RDP support!

We're happy to announce the availability of Remotix for iOS 3.0 now with RDP support! Remotix for iOS is to bring to all iOS users the benefits of both VNC and RDP protocols to control remote machines running either Macs and Windows with no need of additional software installation. We're also lowering the price of Remotix RDP product to $14.99, 25% off!