Remotix 2.1 for iOS – The Best Way To Control A Remote Mac

Sept. 19, 2011

We are glad to announce release and availability of Remotix update.

Since the Remotix 2.0 has been launched we have received a lot of enthusiastic feedback and feature requests from users suggesting that we make picture quality settings for Apple server more flexible, add keyboard keys, and so on.

So now, nearly a week after launching Remotix, we are releasing an update with a handful of new features:

  1. More granular picture quality settings for Apple server. You can choose between "Black & White", "Grayscale", "Adaptive", "Medium" or "Highest" depending on your needs and connection speed;
  2. Some extra keys on extended keyboard: "Tab", "Shift" and "Backspace";
  3. Less memory consumption;
  4. Automatic keyboard layout switching. That's why there's no more "Keyboard Layout" option in the Settings Menu.

Remotix is still available for half price on the App Store. Don't miss this discount!